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Социальная работа / Журнал "Свеча" №2



Success of the Church social initiatives is mainly associated with the fact, that activity of such initiatives is primordially based on moral motivation and value of concern for one's neighbor, such is the essence of the Church community attitude towards global problem of our time, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which was laconically stated by Philaret, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarch Exarkh of Belarus (Church and HIV/AIDS).
In the material prepared by employees of the Republican center of hygiene, epidemiology and public health, measures of counteraction the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Belarus are listed in details, including measures of preventive, medical and social help… (The State Takes Measures).
Alexei Ilnitski, UNAIDS coordinator in Belarus, answering the questions of a reporter of The SVETCHA (The CANDLE), tells us about joint efforts of the international community and the Belarussian state, NGOs and religious organizations in solution the HIV/AIDS problem (To Get Accustomed To Live Side By Side).
Under the heading A Methodologist's Synopsis, Anastasia Krivitskaj, coordinator of the HIV/AIDS project of the Round-table Council on Interchurch Assistance, tells us about principles and methods of the work with youth, including its the most vulnerable groups (Preventive Activity Among the Youth , We Use Games).
Under the heading Experience of Service one can read information about the training seminars for priests and laymen, trainings for young people and social workers, caring for the HIV infected and sick people, which are executed by the Belarussian Round-table on Interchurch Assistance, as well as the "round tables", which discuss the problem itself and the epidemic counteraction measures, etc. Conception of participation of the Russian Orthodox Church in struggle against spreading of the HIV/AIDS and work with the people who live with the HIV/AIDS is a guidance for all of them. (To Make Common Cause With, page 18). A photo report from the town of Pruzhany, Brest district, has documented an action executed under patronage of the Church of Evangelical Christians Baptists. (Teenagers Choose Life).
Fates of people unhinged by drug addiction, the HIV infection, their pain and their searches how to answer a question "How to live?", consolation and hope on their way to Temple - all these in biographical sketches received for The SVETCHA from towns of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.
Tatiana Semenova, an activist of the Belarussian non-government organization Positive Movement, tries to see the life of the HIV infected people from "within", that is a look different from the official one. (The Risk Zone. To Believe, To Hope, To Love).
In the publication Ribbons on Lapel one can read about symbols used in the world to show understanding of the problem and to support the HIV infected and the AIDS sick people.
Official Chronicle informs about the international conference State, Religious and Non-government Organizations in Solution the HIV/AIDS Problem, Prospects of Cooperation, which was held in Moscow, April 18-19, 2005, and about the Final Document adopted by the conference.

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