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Социальная работа / Журнал "Свеча" №3


Bishop Mogilevskij and Mstislavskij Sofronij in his speech at the seminar for priests on AIDS problems, stresses the listeners’attention (and The Svecha’s readers) on a fact that AIDS is not only a physical illness, but a very serious moral and social problem, too (“Not Only A Sickness…, page 3). «Church’s mission in AIDS precautions includes mainly spiritual-moral elucidation of the society», considers archbishop Gomelskij and Zhlobinskij Aristarkh («God gave us His commandments through His love», page 5). Father-Superior Mefodij (Kondratiev) evaluates in details, from Church’s point of view, some aspects of family life of the AIDS infected parishioners («The Stumbling-Block», page 6).

On May 31 – June 2, 2006 was held a Special Session of the UN General Assembly on AIDS (UNGASS). Nikolai Matrunchik and Anastasia Krivitskaia, representatives of the Interconfessional mission «Christian Social Service», were its participants, too. You can read their impressions together with a piece of review information about the Special session and a Political declaration adopted at the session (page 13).

Interconfessional mission «Christian Social Service», which has partnership with many churches in Belarus in the issues of the AIDS precautions, is described in information blocks «Strengthen Your Dropped Arms and Your Weaken Knees» (Heb 12 12) and «Overcome Evil By Good» (Rom 12 21)», page 24.

Professor Lars Kallings, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe, visited Belarus on October 2 – 4, 2006. The guest had many meetings at the official level, he had discussions with representatives of public organizations, who are involved into the problems of people infected by AIDS, and also conducted a press-conference for the Belarussian journalists. Lars Kallings highly appraised achievements of Belarus in the field of AIDS precautions («The Epidemic Extends To the East», «There is a Cause for Optimism», «About Pandora’s Case», page 27).

Andrei Rasinskij, film critic, specially for SVECHA reviewed several films, in which the AIDS topic is discussed in different ways (page 30).

Photo-report «Let’s start, having prayed» was made at the seminar on the AIDS problems, organized for priests of the Grodno eparchy (page 32).

Under the heading «The Church Anti-AIDS network» one can get acquainted with actions of the church activists from Russia and the Ukraine, who joined with the Belarussian colleagues in order to make struggle against AIDS more effective (page 34).

Under the heading «Destinies» one can read a confession written by a young man from Sanct- Petersburg, AIDS infected, who was a drug addict not long ago («A Volunteer’s History», page 38).

And the final heading of this issue is The Readers’ Letters.

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